Aaron Nola holds the key, in his right hand, to uplift Phillies fans and bring back hope to the Delaware Valley. To dispel the disappointment after Monday night’s heart-wrenching Game 2 loss in the National League Division Series, Nola must contain the Braves’ offense in Game 3 at Citizens Bank Park.

Nola faces the challenge of quieting a Braves team with the best record in baseball at 104-58, a squad that launched 307 homers, scored 947 runs, and boasts an impressive .845 team OPS.

Here’s the silver lining for Phillies fans: Despite Nola’s 4.46 earned run average this season, he’s ready to address one of his weaknesses. His Achilles’ heel was the occasional big inning, where he allowed three or more runs suddenly. Notably, his performance improves with the bases empty, and if he can replicate that success with runners on base, the Phillies might see a glimmer of hope in this pivotal game.