A 32-year-old woman in the United States, who possesses the rare condition of having a double uterus, has accomplished an extraordinary feat by giving birth twice in two days. Kelsey Hatcher, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital, experienced a “one in a million” pregnancy, enduring a total of 20 hours in labor.

On Tuesday, Ms. Hatcher delivered her first daughter, followed by the arrival of her second daughter on Wednesday. The babies, celebrated as “miracle babies,” are fraternal twins with the unique distinction of having separate birthdays.

Expressing gratitude to the medical team on social media, Ms. Hatcher described them as “incredible.” The family is now back home, looking forward to enjoying the holidays, a surprise given Ms. Hatcher’s earlier anticipation of a Christmas due date.

Ms. Hatcher’s journey is marked by the rare condition known as uterus didelphys, a congenital anomaly affecting only 0.3% of women, according to UAB. The added complexity of a cavitary pregnancy, where conception occurs in both uteri, makes this case even more exceptional, with odds estimated at “one in a million.”

A UAB obstetrician, acknowledging the extraordinary nature of the case, commented that such instances are exceedingly rare in the medical profession. Ms. Hatcher was informed of her double uterus at the age of 17 and, despite having three previous healthy pregnancies, was surprised during this pregnancy when a routine ultrasound revealed the presence of a baby in her second uterus.

Documenting her unique journey on Instagram, Ms. Hatcher shared updates, including one at 38 weeks expressing disbelief at reaching that stage of pregnancy. Cases of cavitary pregnancies are so scarce that reported instances worldwide are few and far between, with each occurrence being a noteworthy event in the medical community.