In a significant breakthrough, an arrest has been effected in the tragic case of a Philadelphia police officer’s murder. Ofc. Richard Mendez, a dedicated 20-year veteran, lost his life while confronting individuals breaking into a vehicle at Philadelphia International Airport. He was shot multiple times and tragically pronounced dead at the hospital.

The apprehended suspect is 18-year-old Yobranny Martinez Fernandez from Camden County, New Jersey. Authorities, including U.S. Marshals, the FBI, New Jersey State Police, and the Philadelphia Police Homicide Division, executed the arrest at a Days Inn on Route 38, using Mendez’s handcuffs.

While Ofc. Raul Ortiz survived a gunshot to the arm, two more individuals are being sought in connection with this incident. The suspects, believed to have stolen a vehicle, are also linked to an 18-year-old who was fatally shot. Police suspect the same weapon was used in both incidents. The investigation is shedding light on a cross-state car theft operation, and a vehicle found in Philadelphia is connected to the case.

Officer Mendez will be honored with a funeral next week, and a substantial reward of $244,000 remains for information leading to further arrests.