Australia has pushed the boundaries of entertainment, unveiling the world’s inaugural holographic zoo. This awe-inspiring venture, the brainchild of Axiom Holographics, has been captivating visitors in Brisbane since its debut in December 2022.

The unique concept of a holographic zoo might leave you scratching your head. But envision a spectacular panorama of over 50 3D animal holograms, from elephants and giraffes to dinosaurs, that appear to be levitating mid-air, creating an almost surreal experience. A 25-meter whale completes this mesmerizing array, crafting a virtual showcase akin to Noah’s Ark.

Axiom’s holographic zoo transcends beyond being a mere exhibit of animal holograms. It delivers an immersive, epic journey. The safari landscapes of Africa, the frosty realms of the Arctic, and the prehistoric dinosaur habitats are all recreated in stunning detail. An exploration of the mysterious ocean depths further enriches this virtual voyage.

What sets this apart from any conventional virtual reality (VR) experience is the innovative employment of state-of-the-art holographic screen technology. Unlike the restrictive and often solitary experience offered by VR headsets, Axiom’s invention invites multiple viewers to enjoy the same phenomenal spectacle simultaneously. You can now share this unforgettable experience with your loved ones, as the holograms maintain their form and orientation irrespective of your movement.


The Unforgettable Holographic Adventure

No detail has been overlooked in constructing this awe-inspiring domain. The exhibits incorporate 4D effects, including wind, temperature variations, and even scents to enhance the realistic experience. The sensation of an Arctic gust or the aroma of the wild savannah will transport you straight to these breathtaking landscapes.

Inside the immense 1,500-square-meter “holographic zoo”, two grand 20-meter tunnels fitted with three-sided screens and intimate 5-meter rooms surrounded by screens on all sides await your exploration. This immersive journey even offers escape room-style adventures featuring rare and mythical creatures like Dracula and Frankenstein.

Axiom CEO Bruce Dell, the visionary behind this unprecedented venture, dreams of teleporting visitors to unimaginable destinations. His dream appears to have materialized in this extraordinary attraction, where you can witness the majesty of life-sized creatures from diverse eras and locales.

If Brisbane, Australia, happens to be on your itinerary within the next six months, be sure not to miss this holographic zoo. Fear not if your plans don’t align – Axiom Holographics aims to proliferate its groundbreaking holographic entertainment centers to Japan, Texas, Europe, and beyond.