Astronomers have made an exciting discovery about a small black hole called GRS 1915+105. This black hole is sucking in gas and dust, and astronomers have spotted strange changes in the jet of highly magnetic plasma that it shoots out. These changes happened very quickly, within a fraction of a second, and were detected by the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) in China.

GRS 1915+105 is a unique object consisting of a regular star orbiting a stellar black hole, which formed after a massive star died. As the star moves around the black hole, some of its material gets pulled in, but not all of it gets swallowed. Instead, some of the material gets shot out as a jet from the black hole’s poles.

The astronomers think that the changes in the jet’s energy might be because the black hole’s rotation is not aligned with the matter it’s eating. This misalignment causes the jet to wobble, like a spinning top. When the jet points away, its energy drops, but then it returns to normal when the system rotates back.

The observations show that the peculiar signal in the jet has a rough period of 0.2 seconds, and it only appears under special conditions. The researchers were lucky enough to observe this signal twice, in January 2021 and June 2022.

The cause of these oscillations remains a mystery, but scientists believe that one possible explanation is the precession of the jet. This means that the jet direction regularly points towards different directions and returns to the original direction every 0.2 seconds. Further research is needed to fully understand this phenomenon.