Philadelphia police are investigating a chilling incident in the Northern Liberties neighborhood after discovering a man’s lifeless body inside the trunk of a car. Officers swiftly responded to the 400 block of North 5th Street on Sunday afternoon. The 31-year-old victim, wrapped in a tarp, was concealed within a white Jeep Grand Cherokee parked near residential homes. Residents like Michael Delmastro expressed their surprise, as the car had not been there when he parked on Friday.

Authorities have yet to disclose the victim’s identity or the cause of death, classifying the case as a homicide. No weapons have been recovered. Northern Liberties residents, typically unaccustomed to such events, were shocked by the grim discovery. Dan Brown noted, “In the City of Philadelphia, we are used to hearing about stuff like this, unfortunately. But in Northern Liberties, usually not too much stuff like this is going on.”

As the investigation unfolds, residents are left with numerous unanswered questions, including how the body was discovered. Surveillance footage may hold crucial clues, offering hope for resolving this unsettling mystery in an otherwise tranquil neighborhood.