Boost Mobile’s Ogontz Avenue store in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane neighborhood has been targeted by robbers three days in a row, leading the owner, Ankit Tiwari, to implement drastic security measures and ultimately close two of his stores.

The troubling series of incidents began on September 13th when an armed robber threatened an employee and made off with cash. The following evening, a similar situation unfolded. Tiwari, frustrated by the lack of police response, took action on the third day, using a bat to chase away the suspect, as captured on surveillance video. Tiwari explained, “It took like 28 minutes for them to come to the area for the robbery call.” He expressed deep concerns about both the delayed police response and the sustainability of his business.

In September alone, Tiwari endured seven store robberies, with the latest occurring during looting incidents. He reported losses of over $25,000 in a single month and approximately $75,000 over the past six months.

The rise in crime is evident in the 6abc Neighborhood Safety Tracker, which recorded over 5,300 robberies in the past year, a 4% increase compared to the previous three-year average. Faced with these alarming statistics and mounting financial losses, Tiwari reluctantly made the decision to close two of his stores, expressing his sadness for both his businesses and loyal customers.

Philadelphia police’s slow response time is currently under internal affairs investigation, with no official comment provided. Those with information about the suspect are urged to contact the Northwest Detective Division. Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce Office is also offering support to affected business owners through financial assistance programs, accessible via phone at 215-683-2100 or email at