Derek Chauvin, convicted in George Floyd’s murder, was stabbed in an Arizona federal prison. Minnesota AG Keith Ellison confirmed the assault, expressing sadness and emphasizing Chauvin’s right to serve his sentence without fear. The Bureau of Prisons reported the incident, detailing life-saving measures taken and Chauvin’s stable condition.

The attack occurred at Tucson’s Federal Correctional Institution, prompting suspension of visitation for safety reasons. Chauvin’s attorney, Greg Erickson, expressed frustration, unable to confirm details despite multiple attempts. Chauvin, serving concurrent sentences for Floyd’s murder, faced assault due to his notoriety, according to Erickson.

Chauvin, convicted on state and federal charges, knelt on Floyd’s neck, sparking global protests against racial injustice. The Minnesota Department of Human Rights unveiled systemic discrimination within Minneapolis’s police department.

Amidst Chauvin’s recent Supreme Court appeal rejection, highlighting his lack of a fair trial, concerns over his safety in prison persist. Erickson stressed the risk Chauvin faces due to his infamy, stating, “There’s a huge portion of the inmate population that wants to make a name for themselves by killing him.”