Cherelle Parker, a seasoned Democrat with a background in state and local politics, secured a historic victory as Philadelphia’s 100th mayor, marking the city’s first female mayor. Parker, 51, triumphed over Republican David Oh in a city known for its Democratic dominance, replacing the outgoing Democrat, Jim Kenney, who reached his term limit.

Parker’s campaign centered on her vision to transform Philadelphia into the cleanest, safest, and greenest metropolis, ensuring economic opportunities for all residents. In her victory speech, she reiterated her commitment to tackling crime, education, jobs, and poverty, vowing to collaborate with the state legislature and City Council to advance the city.

As a former state representative and city council member, Parker emphasized her experience as a key asset in addressing the city’s challenges, advocating for cooperation among government sectors and private entities to improve public health and safety.

Parker’s moderate approach resonated with voters concerned about public safety and quality-of-life issues. Her promise of a well-trained and community-engaged police force, alongside mental health support, garnered broad support.

David Oh, who aimed to become the city’s first Asian American mayor, graciously conceded, pledging support for Parker as she takes on her mayoral responsibilities.