As holiday festivities revive, COVID cases surge for the fourth year in a row across Philadelphia and its neighboring areas. FOX 29’s Cheyenne Corin delves into the concerns of both medical experts and locals amid the virus’s resurgence.

Despite fatigue and a sense of routine exposure, a Philadelphian shared, “It’s tough to be overly concerned about daily contacts, like picking up a penny or using an ATM.” Yet, medical professionals caution against complacency.

Dr. Jonathan Miller from Nemours Children’s Health Delaware Valley highlights the challenge of differentiating COVID from other respiratory viruses. With a recent uptick in pediatric cases, he stresses the importance of continued precautions, especially during holiday travel and gatherings.

Locals echo this sentiment. Jill Sheridan adjusted Thanksgiving plans due to family members traveling via mass transportation, emphasizing the associated concerns. Evockeea Wayenahan remains cautious on public transit, wearing a mask for added protection, wary of others’ coughs.

Jannac Jenkins, recovering from COVID, expressed surprise at contracting the virus, emphasizing symptoms mirroring common respiratory illnesses. Dr. Miller underscores the need for ongoing testing, advocating for both COVID and flu vaccinations to curb winter-related health risks.

Amid uncertainties about differentiating symptoms, Dr. Miller urges vaccination as a preventive measure. As the season unfolds, the importance of caution and protective measures remains crucial in mitigating the virus’s spread.