Jay Kim made a surprising announcement of changing his faith to Islam. He took to his YouTube
channel last year (2020) and disclosed the pleasant news to the world. He altered his name
from Jay to Daud Kim. He changed his name to Chennai Daud Kim and became a Muslim
because he strongly felt about it. Daud Kim is a Korean pop singer and YouTuber.

He has over 890,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and has gained over 45,891,764 views. Daud was
born in South Korea on December 3, 1997. He finished his education at a private institution in
Korea. After completing his schooling, he studied environmental research and politics at
university. While studying, he was very interested in music and always wanted to become a pop
Daud first became interested in Islam after the 9/11 terrorist strikes. He was only eight years old
at the time. Islam was the one term in the news that piqued his interest. At first, Daud thought
Islam was dangerous because the media was portraying it negatively. But when he toured
Indonesia, he found that many of his Muslim fans were kind and loving. Daud began a YouTube
channel in 2013 where he posted videos about his life. His YouTube channel became popular
and now has over 2.91 million subscribers. Daud met Islam at a stage of his life when he was
feeling lost and unhappy. YouTube allowed him to meet real Muslims, not the ones the media
portrays. Gradually, Daud learned more about Islam and found a strong connection with it that
he had never felt before.
He stated in his YouTube video, “I used to believe that life was a game. Only surviving the fight
constitutes success. I assumed I had to fight and prevail. But they (Muslims) were unique. They
are always willing to assist others. And they were always grateful for what they received. This
greatly amazed me. Their perspective on existence.” Daud began reading the Quran and
researching Imam Muhammad (PBUH) to learn more about Islam. He visited the mosque and
worshiped. These activities strengthened his faith—the belief in Allah, the creator of all things
and the guide of humanity. Daud delayed for a long time despite his desire to become a Muslim.
First, because of his family’s opposition, and second, is he fully equipped to be a Muslim? He
eventually recognized they were just excuses. Allah will lead him back in the correct direction,
just as He led him here. Daud soon accepted Islam and constantly studied new things to
become a good Muslim. His wife also turned to Islam, and he gave her the shahadah.