Unseasonably wintry conditions have descended upon several U.S. cities this week as a powerful cold front sweeps across the nation, leading to frigid temperatures and substantial snowfall.

Temperatures are plummeting, with some regions experiencing readings in the 30s, 20s, and even single digits. Heavy snowfall has blanketed areas from Colorado to South Dakota, accumulating up to 19 inches in some places.

Denver International Airport recorded 7.5 inches of snow, and the cold is now advancing eastward, affecting Denver to New York City.

Over 26 states, from California to Pennsylvania, issued freeze and frost alerts, with record-low temperatures anticipated in the Great Plains and the Rockies.

The Midwest and South are bracing for their first freeze of the season, impacting major cities such as Chicago, Indianapolis, and Nashville. By Wednesday, the chill will extend to Dallas, Birmingham, and Atlanta.

The Interstate 95 corridor will encounter the cold on Thursday, with major Northeast cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., anticipating temperatures in the 30s, along with freezing conditions in the suburbs. Wisconsin to western New York may see the season’s first lake-effect snow.

Michigan is under winter storm warnings, with the potential for up to 10 inches of snow, while a swift system may bring snow to North Dakota, Minnesota, and southern Wisconsin, even in cities like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago.