President Joe Biden signs the bipartisan infrastructure law in a ceremony at the White House on November 15, 2021. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Democratic National Committee unveils a vibrant billboard campaign in Philadelphia, commemorating President Biden’s two-year milestone since signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This move spearheads a broader Democratic initiative in Pennsylvania, highlighting the $1.2 trillion legislation’s impact—a cornerstone of Biden’s economic strategy.

The eye-catching sign along 1-95 Northbound at Frankford Ave. cleverly pokes at former President Trump, contrasting his infamous “infrastructure week” fiascos. Trump’s unfulfilled promises birthed a satirical legacy, unlike Biden’s law, which is actively reshaping America’s infrastructure landscape.

DNC spokesperson Rhyan Lake emphasized, “While Trump’s ‘infrastructure week’ became a punchline, President Biden’s law is delivering tangible outcomes.” Notably, Pennsylvania has received $13.8 billion for 331 projects, with $10 billion allocated for transportation. Philadelphia International Airport alone secures $54 million for expansion.

The state benefits extensively, with $657 million earmarked for clean water initiatives and $1.2 billion fostering widespread high-speed internet access. Senator Bob Casey lauded the law, citing its infusion of federal funds fortifying Pennsylvania’s infrastructure—from roads, bridges, and water systems to internet connectivity.

Thanks to these monumental investments, Pennsylvania strides towards a more robust, resilient future, bolstered by transformative reforms enhancing lives statewide.