In a harrowing incident over the weekend, a hit-and-run crash involving two vehicles has left a man in critical condition, prompting a city-wide search for the reckless drivers, authorities report.

The incident unfolded at approximately 11:50 p.m. on Saturday. An eastbound car, believed to be an Infiniti, collided with an unidentified pedestrian crossing southbound on the 2000 block of Washington Avenue, according to the police.

The force of the impact propelled the man onto a second vehicle, also suspected to be an Infiniti. Shockingly, both cars swiftly fled the scene, leaving the injured victim behind.

The severely injured man was rushed to the hospital, suffering from extensive head trauma, and is currently in an extremely critical condition.

Investigators have confirmed the presence of Infiniti car parts at the crash site. However, it remains uncertain which of the two vehicles they originated from.

As authorities intensify their efforts to locate the hit-and-run culprits, surveillance photos of the vehicles have been released. If you possess any information regarding the drivers or the whereabouts of these vehicles, we urge you to promptly contact the Philadelphia Police.