The FBI handed over the investigation of the Rainbow Bridge car crash and explosion to the Niagara Falls Police Department, stating no ties to terrorism were found. Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed no explosives were present at the scene. The incident involved a vehicle speeding toward a border checkpoint, resulting in an explosion and tragic fatalities of the driver and passenger.

Hochul described the surreal sight of the vehicle’s airborne crash and fire, highlighting one injured booth agent and extensive debris across 13 booths. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reaffirmed the incident wasn’t terror-related.

While investigators handled a potential explosive, precautionary measures shut the Rainbow Bridge, later reopening nearby Canadian bridges. Heightened security protocols were enacted at airports and border crossings. President Biden received updates, and Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau emphasized the seriousness of the situation.

Authorities in Toronto and New York City bolstered patrols as a precaution. Mayor Eric Adams assured increased security measures for Thanksgiving across the city. The investigation continues amid the absence of a license plate and the vehicle’s extensive damage.