Federal authorities have unveiled charges against four Philadelphia men for the theft of over 2 million dimes, amounting to more than $200,000, earlier this year. 

The coins were taken from a tractor-trailer en route from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia to Miami. Allegedly, the driver stopped in a parking lot to rest on April 13, where thieves pilfered part of the $750,000 worth of dimes.

The heist resulted in a haul of $234,500 in stolen dimes, with thousands of coins strewn across the parking lot. The accused, Rakiem Savage (25), Ronald Byrd (31), Haneef Palmer (30), and Malik Palmer (32), face charges including conspiracy, robbery, theft of government funds, and more. It’s alleged that after the theft, they converted thousands of dimes into cash using coin machines or bank deposits.