Gas prices are on the decline, with experts predicting further drops in the coming weeks. This relief is thanks to a significant decrease in crude oil costs. In the Philadelphia region, the average gas price is now $3.68, down two cents from last week. New Jersey residents are enjoying a four-cent drop, bringing prices to $3.30, while Delaware has seen a three-cent decrease to $3.18.

The Liberty station in Burlington, New Jersey, is even offering gas at $2.95 per gallon, a welcome surprise for drivers. experts attribute this drop to seasonal changes and reduced gasoline consumption in the fall.

Despite global unrest, gas prices remain unaffected, much to the delight of drivers. The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict may impact prices if other countries become involved, particularly Iran. However, as of now, prices are expected to continue their decline, with an estimated 25 to 35 cent drop by year-end. The national average currently stands at $3.49 per gallon.