CQ Brown is pictured on July 11, 2022, in Mecklemburg-Western Pomerania, Laage. Monika Skolimowska/dpa/picture alliance/Getty Images

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. CQ Brown emphasized the importance of upholding US alliances, stating “US credibility is at stake” amidst former President Donald Trump’s controversial NATO remarks.

Trump’s assertion that he would not adhere to NATO’s collective-defense clause has sparked criticism. Brown underscored the enduring strength of the alliance, stressing the US commitment to its allies. Trump’s comments have drawn scrutiny, particularly as he remains a frontrunner for the 2024 Republican candidacy.

Brown, in his role as military advisor to the president, aims to reinforce ties with NATO despite political dialogue. Meanwhile, tensions persist in the Middle East, with Brown highlighting the US focus on deterrence amid various threats. However, he expressed uncertainty regarding Iran’s intentions for broader conflict.

The Pentagon reported numerous attacks on US and coalition forces, resulting in casualties. Despite challenges, Brown remains dedicated to safeguarding American interests and fostering international partnerships.