The IDF says Hamas has been using tunnels to carry out its terror operations. (Israel Defense Forces/AP)

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) officially acknowledged its strategy of flooding tunnels in Gaza to target the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas. The IDF, in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Defense, has been utilizing advanced tools, including pumps and pipes, to flood the subterranean network of tunnels in the Gaza Strip.

This strategy, deemed a significant engineering and technological breakthrough, aims to drive out terrorists hiding in these tunnels. The IDF emphasized that the approach involves careful analysis of soil characteristics and water systems to prevent damage to the area’s groundwater. The pumping of water is executed selectively in tunnel routes and suitable locations, tailored to each case.

Israeli army spokesperson Daniel Hagari shows the entrance of a tunnel that Hamas reportedly used to attack Israel through the Erez border crossing on Oct. 7, 2023. (Jack Guez/AFP via Getty Images)

While the IDF did not provide detailed information on the flooding operations, previous reports suggested the construction of large seawater pumps capable of moving thousands of cubic meters of water per hour. Israel identified around 800 tunnels used by Hamas for various purposes, including moving fighters, storing weapons, and planning attacks.

The IDF’s multifaceted approach against Hamas includes air strikes, underground combat operations, special operations with technological assets, and now, flooding of tunnels. This concerted effort aims to neutralize the threat posed by the terrorist organization.

Amid these operations, the IDF recently blew up a tunnel beneath a cemetery in Gaza, uncovering Hamas’s use of the tunnel for its activities. The extent of the success in flooding tunnels and the impact on Hamas operatives remain undisclosed.

Israel’s pursuit to eradicate Hamas intensified after the October 7 attack, where the group took hostages and later released some in a November truce. The IDF’s measures are part of a comprehensive strategy to address the security challenges posed by Hamas in the region.