The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are probing a fatal strike on a United Nations shelter in southern Gaza, indicating it might have been caused by an errant Hamas rocket.

The incident occurred in Khan Younis, where the IDF has been intensively operating against Hamas’s military leaders believed to be hiding in tunnels. The strike on the shelter, housing around 800 people, resulted in nine reported deaths and 75 injuries.

While UNRWA’s Gaza director blamed Israel for the incident, the IDF ruled out an airstrike or artillery fire, focusing on an in-depth examination of ground forces’ activity in the area. The White House expressed grave concern over the strike, emphasizing the need to protect civilians and respect the sanctity of UN facilities.

The IDF’s ongoing offensive in Khan Younis aims at dismantling Hamas’s military infrastructure. The wider area surrounding the UN center is identified as a significant base for Hamas terrorists. As tensions escalate, the IDF faces scrutiny over the incident’s circumstances, while the Biden administration calls for the protection of civilians and humanitarian workers in the conflict zone.