Illinois Governor JB Pritzker condemned language in the special counsel’s report regarding President Biden’s handling of classified documents, labeling it as unfair. Released Thursday, the report scrutinized Biden’s retention of classified materials, raising concerns about his age and memory.

Pritzker, a key figure in Biden’s reelection campaign, expressed his disapproval during a press conference, stating, “I smell a rat.” He criticized the involvement of a former Trump appointee in offering opinions on the president’s mental acuity.

DOJ special counsel Robert Hur’s 388-page report accused Biden of “willfully” retaining documents but opted not to press charges, noting Biden’s full cooperation. However, Hur’s mention of Biden’s age and memory during the investigation drew sharp rebuke from allies like Pritzker.

Contrary to Hur’s observations, Pritzker praised Biden’s sharpness, asserting, “He is on the ball. [The] Man knows more than most of us have forgotten.”

Biden himself denounced the report’s insinuations about his memory, particularly regarding the timing of his son Beau’s passing, calling it an invasion of privacy and unnecessary.

The White House echoed concerns over the report’s focus on Biden’s age and memory, suggesting it was politically motivated.