Israeli commandos, disguised as Palestinians, carried out a raid in the occupied West Bank’s Jenin, killing three gunmen in Ibn Sina hospital. One of the deceased was identified by Israel as Mohammed Jalamneh, 27, linked to Hamas, planning an imminent attack. Islamic Jihad claimed the other two, stating they were brothers, one receiving treatment for paralyzed legs. CCTV footage showed undercover troops, including those disguised as medical staff, in the hospital.

The operation aimed to neutralize Jalamneh, planning an attack inspired by the October 7th massacre that triggered violence in the West Bank and Gaza. The military accused Hamas of using civilian areas for shelter and rejected their denial. Israel has long accused Hamas of hiding weapons in Gaza’s hospitals and using civilians as shields.

In response, Hamas fired rockets into Israeli cities after weeks of relative calm. The Israeli assault on Gaza City intensified, with air strikes and shelling. Gaza’s health ministry reported 215 Palestinians killed and 300 wounded in 24 hours. Israel asserted ongoing operations in southern Gaza, but renewed efforts in Gaza City suggested challenges.

The article also touched on the conflict’s toll, with casualties on both sides. The Gaza health ministry reported over 26,000 Palestinians killed and 65,000 wounded since October, while Israel cited around 9,000 Palestinian combatants killed. The U.S. vowed to defend its forces after a drone attack in Jordan, marking a significant escalation in tensions.