Newly released court documents shed light on the shocking revelation that a Philadelphia journalist, 39-year-old Josh Kruger, had an intimate relationship with his alleged 19-year-old murderer, Robert Davis. According to the documents, Philadelphia police connected Davis to Kruger’s murder, which occurred on October 2, through incriminating text messages and voicemails.

One voicemail, recorded just moments before Kruger’s fatal shooting in his Point Breeze home, captured him telling someone to “get out of here” and expressing his frustration with their mistreatment. Police identified the phone number associated with this voicemail as belonging to Davis.

Kruger, a freelance journalist who openly identified as queer, often wrote on LGBTQ+ issues, drug abuse, and homelessness. Tragically, he was shot seven times in the chest and abdomen. Sources also reported finding drugs in his residence.

Davis faces additional charges related to a separate shooting at SEPTA’s Tasker-Morris Station on September 25, where no injuries occurred.