Travis and Jason Kelce. PHOTO: DAVID EULITT/GETTY

In a poignant NFL reunion, Jason and Travis Kelce shared a heartfelt moment following the Philadelphia Eagles’ 21-17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, marking their first face-off since the 2023 Super Bowl.

The brothers, playing for rival teams, met post-game for a brief yet emotional embrace and shared laughter on the field. This encounter echoed their previous emotional exchange after the Super Bowl, where the Chiefs clinched a win against the Eagles.

Their NFL rivalry spans several matchups, notably culminating in the historic championship clash, often dubbed the Kelce Bowl. Despite the competitive spirit, their bond transcends the game. Travis expressed joy in playing against his brother, emphasizing the unity it brings to their family and friends, irrespective of the game’s outcome.

This latest game marked their fifth head-to-head encounter, highlighting the special moments shared between the Kelce brothers in the NFL arena. Their camaraderie and mutual respect shone through, showcasing a unique bond amidst the competitive NFL landscape.