Jason Kelce has played for both Andy Reid and Nick Sirianni, so he can compare them better than most.

Ahead of the Eagles-Chiefs showdown, Jason Kelce reflected on the coaching prowess of Andy Reid and Nick Sirianni. Despite initially hesitating to draw parallels, Kelce shared nuanced observations.

Kelce’s tenure under Reid, though brief, revealed an aura of respect and admiration for the seasoned coach. In contrast, his experience with Sirianni showcased a different career stage, witnessing the latter evolve into a head coach, excelling notably in team meetings and communication.

While both coaches prioritize accountability and hold players to high standards, Kelce highlighted Sirianni’s adeptness in team meetings, leveraging game clips for insightful analysis. In contrast, Reid’s serious demeanor belies a knack for humor and an unparalleled offensive brilliance, having crafted dynamic offenses across various teams and sustained success through roster changes.

Kelce’s comparison emphasized Sirianni’s communication finesse and attention to detail, juxtaposed against Reid’s established offensive genius and leadership. As the Eagles seek a victory against Reid’s Chiefs, Kelce’s perspective sheds light on the distinct yet commendable coaching styles defining these two NFL stalwarts.