Buckingham Palace announces that King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer, discovered during treatment for an enlarged prostate. Although the type of cancer remains undisclosed, the 75-year-old monarch has commenced “regular treatments” and will temporarily step back from public duties.

Despite the diagnosis, the King maintains a positive outlook towards his treatment and anticipates resuming full public duties soon. Details regarding the cancer stage or prognosis are withheld.

In personal conversations, Charles informed his sons, with Prince Harry planning a visit from the United States. The King will continue constitutional responsibilities, albeit scaling back public appearances.

Notably, a constitutional provision allows for appointed counsellors of state in the monarch’s absence, including Queen Camilla and Prince William. Prince William’s recent return to public engagements contrasts with his prior hiatus to support his wife’s recovery.

The King’s decision to disclose his cancer treatment aligns with his advocacy for cancer-related charities. Messages of support pour in from political figures, including US President Joe Biden, who empathizes due to personal experiences with cancer.

As Charles undergoes treatment, questions arise about the continuity of planned royal tours. However, the Palace has yet to confirm any alterations to the schedule, awaiting the King’s recovery.