Dayjia Blackwell, the 21-year-old influencer known as “Meatball,” has had a change of heart following her arrest during the recent Philadelphia riots. Facing felony charges for her enthusiastic support of looting, she now expresses remorse and a desire to steer clear of trouble.

“I regret it,” Blackwell admitted to NBC Philadelphia, vowing never to engage in looting again and stay out of jail. She shared her sentiments while wearing a T-shirt and hat emblazoned with “Aint nuffin.”

However, her family, disapproving of her actions, intervened during the interview. Blackwell’s mother drove up and honked the horn to halt the conversation. Her grandmother, Vashti Fields, didn’t mince words either, expressing deep shame at seeing her granddaughter involved in such activities.

Fields acknowledged Blackwell’s positive qualities as a “loving, kind, caring, business-minded go-getter” and hoped she would become a positive influencer.

Facing charges including causing/risking a catastrophe, criminal mischief, rioting, aiding consummation, access to communication, and disorderly conduct, Blackwell’s family doesn’t believe she’s guilty of all the accusations. They are urging her to publicly apologize to the City of Brotherly Love and use her voice for good.

On Instagram, “Meatball” shared her perspective and promoted her Cash App handle for fans to send her money as a “welcome home” gift, expressing her desire to pamper herself and address her legal matters. She emphasized her innocence, stating, “I’m not a trouble person,” and hopes to have the charges expunged from her record.

In a video on her Instagram Story, she revealed being scared and traumatized by the experience, vowing to never repeat such actions.

It’s important to note that authorities have stated that the looting was unrelated to earlier protests in Philadelphia over a judge dismissing charges in the police shooting of Eddie Irizarry, 27.