Philadelphia’s Navy Week commenced with an impressive drill performance and an inspiring ascent of the Museum of Art steps. Lt. Omari Faulkner, Public Affairs Officer for The Navy Office of Community Outreach, highlighted the symbolism of this location, representing hard work and the city’s beauty.

Navy Week serves to raise awareness about the Navy’s mission and strengthen its connection with the public. Lt. Faulkner emphasized their aim to bridge the gap between Americans and their Navy, explaining the Navy’s role in national security and everyday operations.

Over 100 outreach events are planned to support the local community and engage with service members. Anthony Falvo, Director of The Navy Office of Community Outreach, expressed the program’s commitment to giving back.

Looking ahead, Lt. Faulkner envisions the limitless potential of this program, aspiring to expand it nationwide.

Navy Week will run from October 9th to October 15th, 2023, in Philadelphia. Visit their website for more information.