In the upcoming mayoral election, Philadelphia residents must look beyond party lines and consider candidates’ commitment to tackling the city’s pressing issue: crime. While I previously voted for Cherelle Parker in the primaries, my vote in the general election remains uncertain.

Crime is rampant, with over 3,200 homicides since Mayor Kenney took office in 2016. The next mayor must display unwavering resolve in addressing this crisis. It’s disheartening that neither candidate, David Oh nor Cherelle Parker, has yet demonstrated the strong leadership required.

To make a real difference in crime prevention, our next mayor should reevaluate existing strategies and question the lax enforcement of gun laws in the city. Harrisburg lawmakers have begun addressing this issue, proposing legislation for mandatory minimum sentences for illegal gun possession.

Furthermore, District Attorney Larry Krasner’s leniency, decriminalizing shoplifting and dismissing a high number of gun-related cases, has contributed to the problem. A study revealed that Krasner’s policies led to more dropped cases and less conviction rates in serious felonies, posing a risk to public safety.

The next mayor must demand answers from the district attorney, prioritizing the safety of the citizens over any political agenda. It’s time for a leader with a strong backbone to take charge and save lives in Philadelphia.