Despite setbacks in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Nikki Haley remains undeterred, attempting to spin her losses into a triumph in the ongoing Republican presidential race against Donald Trump. The former ambassador, vowing to prevent a Trump “coronation,” rallied supporters in North Charleston, South Carolina, emphasizing her second-place finish in New Hampshire as a notable achievement considering her campaign’s initial struggles.

Haley took aim at Trump’s post-Iowa victory speech, where he launched a vehement tirade against her. Undeterred, she asserted her commitment to the race, addressing Republican voters in the U.S. Virgin Islands before focusing on her home state of South Carolina.

However, the road ahead may prove challenging as Trump secured a substantial victory in New Hampshire. With South Carolina historically playing a crucial role in determining the GOP nominee, Trump enjoys widespread support from key figures in the state, potentially diminishing Haley’s chances.

Despite her campaign’s insistence on having a viable path to the nomination, skepticism looms, with prominent figures like Senator Lindsey Graham suggesting that, practically, the primary is already over. Trump supporters made their presence felt outside Haley’s rally, marking a symbolic challenge.

Haley’s super PAC highlighted President Joe Biden’s initial struggles in the 2020 Democratic primaries, drawing parallels to her situation. However, the differing demographics of the GOP primary make such comparisons less impactful.

Looking ahead to South Carolina as the next battleground, the super PAC plans an aggressive strategy, including TV ads, mailers, and outreach to conservative-leaning independents. Despite the financial optimism, Trump issued a warning to potential donors supporting Haley.

As Haley reported raising $1 million post-New Hampshire, Trump, via social media, issued a stark message, pledging to bar contributors from the “MAGA camp.” Despite the uphill climb, Haley’s resilience resonates with some, with supporters applauding her determined “fighter mentality.”