Philadelphia’s law enforcement is facing challenges with illegal car rallies, tracing many of the problematic vehicles to areas outside the city. Captain Jason Smith disclosed that a substantial number of these vehicles are registered in regions like Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County, and even as far as New Jersey.

Last weekend, a notable incident involved a green Dodge Charger allegedly spotted doing donuts at an illegal car rally near Broad Street and Washington Avenue. Police said that such unsanctioned meet-ups have become dangerously popular, often shutting down major intersections and moving to other locations, causing mayhem and disturbance.

One such event closed off the Frankford and Cottman junction around midnight, later shifting to Broad and Washington by 2 am. Captain Smith recounted to FOX 29’s Steve Keeley how the police eventually took control of the situation. 

Adding to the concerns, police have identified that some cars in these rallies often incorporate parts from stolen or carjacked vehicles, like wheels and tires. Furthermore, these events, characterized by reckless stunts such as donuts and burnouts, pose significant threats to spectators. Disturbing footage captured a vehicle striking a spectator, launching them into the air. The extent of their injuries remains unknown.

A concerned local named Smith warned, “These events are ticking time bombs. We’re just waiting for the day someone gets critically hurt or loses their life.”