Harrisburg was ranked the #1 best place to retire in U.S. World News and World Report’s 2024 list of best places retirees, while six other Pennsylvania cities dominated the top ten. Philadelphia was named the 13th best place to retire on the list.

Pennsylvania emerges as a retirement haven, with Harrisburg leading as the top spot, followed by Reading, Lancaster, Scranton, and Allentown. Philadelphia jumps six spots to claim the 13th position, attributed to its vibrant culture, affordability, renowned food scene, museums, and parks. Despite rising housing costs, Philly remains slightly above the national average in affordability.

The U.S. News and World Report’s 2024 rankings highlight metrics like housing affordability, healthcare, tax rates, job market health, and overall desirability. Notably, Pennsylvania secures seven spots in the top ten, while Florida, once a retirement hotspot, now claims only one spot with Daytona Beach at number 8.

Philadelphia, still relatively youthful with a small population aged 65 or older, stands out amidst the retiree-friendly cities. This ranking, however, excludes smaller towns. Last year’s dominance by Florida in the top ten has significantly shifted, showcasing Pennsylvania’s growing appeal as the ultimate retirement destination.