A rally advocating for a Gaza ceasefire convened outside Philadelphia’s City Hall, drawing supporters demanding immediate action. Chopper 6 captured the demonstrators’ march from Broad Street and Girard Avenue, progressing into Center City on a Friday afternoon.

Led by the Philadelphia Free Palestine Coalition, the group not only urged a ceasefire but also pressed for divestment from weapon manufacturers supplying Israel and recognition of Palestinian lives.

As the conflict entered its second stage, Israeli sources reported over 1,200 deaths and 6,900 injuries since October 7. Simultaneously, Gaza’s Health Ministry, overseen by Hamas, recorded at least 12,000 fatalities and 30,000 injuries in the neighboring Gaza Strip.

Amid Israel’s call for evacuating Gaza’s northern region, concerns of a humanitarian crisis surfaced. The impending possibility of a ground offensive led to severed supplies and electricity, worrying aid workers about a potential disaster.

Despite endorsing Israel’s right to self-defense, humanitarian groups urged Israel to halt the evacuation and embrace a ceasefire, aligning with the United States’ stance.