A wanted homicide suspect in Philadelphia assaulted two commuters at the 69th Street terminal before being subdued by a victim and SEPTA police. Witnesses reported a man brandishing a firearm and attacking people outside the terminal.

SEPTA officers intervened, instructing the suspect to drop the weapon, later revealed to be recovered by the second victim during their scuffle. The initial victim, injured in the attack, received medical attention.

The suspect, identified as Darryl Warren, was arrested by Upper Darby police and found with suspected PCP liquid. Victims detailed the sudden and unprovoked assaults during their routine commute.

One victim faced a gun pulled by Warren, which misfired before he was struck. The other victim encountered Warren screaming, leading to an unprovoked assault before seizing the firearm.

Warren, with a history including intents to deliver, robbery, and an active homicide warrant in Philadelphia, faced charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault. Bail was set at $1 million.

The incident highlighted concerns about Warren’s presence on the streets despite prior criminal history, prompting frustration among law enforcement. Warren’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for November 17.