Philadelphia authorities are probing a September 23 homicide in Southwest Philadelphia at 52nd Street and Chester Avenue, where 25-year-old Theo James lost his life. James, a father of three, is remembered by his grandmother, Linda Langford, as a joyful and loving individual.

Langford revealed that James and a friend were “wreck chasing” that night, reporting an accident to a towing company when a crash occurred. Police are actively investigating whether wreck chasing played a role in the homicide.

Surveillance footage released by investigators depicts three suspects. The shots were fired by a passenger in a vehicle. Detectives are vigorously searching for the shooter, the driver, and a third individual—a woman seen in the video exiting the passenger seat, taking cover during the gunfire, and subsequently fleeing with the driver.

James’ family implores anyone with information to come forward and emphasizes the importance of valuing human life. They hope for justice in this tragic incident. Authorities urge anyone with information to contact the Philadelphia police.