Philadelphia, under Mayor Jim Kenney’s leadership, has taken a stand to safeguard transgender individuals seeking gender-affirming care. In response to the wave of Republican-led legislatures across the United States restricting such care for transgender youth, Mayor Kenney signed an executive order. This order prevents the city from using its resources to aid states investigating or penalizing those providing or receiving gender-affirming care in Philadelphia.

“We won’t help those who seek to discriminate against trans people,” Mayor Kenney emphasized.

Gender-affirming care is recognized as a life-saving option, especially for youths grappling with gender dysphoria. The order signifies Philadelphia’s unwavering commitment to ensuring access to healthcare for trans and gender-expansive individuals.

Sultan Shakir, executive director of the Mazzoni Center, the city’s prominent LGBTQ health and wellness agency, commended the order, emphasizing the importance of providing healthcare services without the fear of prosecution.

This move aligns Philadelphia with other Democratic-led cities and states, like New York City and New Jersey, in protecting gender-affirming care from restrictive legislation. It represents a broader effort to defend healthcare providers and patients from restrictive health laws.