Book enthusiasts have a treat in store as the Philadelphia Rare Book Fair is back at Trinity Memorial Church near Rittenhouse Square from December 7 to 9. Over 20 vendors will offer a selection of books and ephemera. The fair begins on December 7 with a special preview night, featuring live music and refreshments for a $50 entry fee. The subsequent two days of the book fair are free to attend.

This event draws reputable rare book vendors from across the northeastern United States, such as B&B Rare Books from NYC and Capitol Hill Books from Washington. Local vendors, including Bauman Rare Books and MacManus Rare Books, will also participate.

Visitors can explore rare, out-of-print literature, first-edition books, autographed editions, and unique collections. The fair presents an opportunity to acquire exceptional literary treasures, from a 1840 first-edition Alexis de Tocqueville book set for $62,000 to a first-edition copy of Robert Frank’s autobiography priced at $7,500.

Hosted by Fine Book Fairs, the event takes place at Trinity Memorial Church, a historic venue at 22nd and Spruce streets, steeped in over 125 years of history as a place of worship and community gatherings.