Philadelphia’s 9th annual Veterans Parade, held in Old City, brought together thousands of attendees who came to honor and support veterans. The parade, traveling down Market Street, was a vibrant spectacle filled with appreciation for those who have dedicated themselves to the nation.

Amidst the festivities, parade-goer Jackie Barnes expressed the significance of showing support, especially in today’s turbulent world. Veteran Marine Julio Rosario emphasized the deep meaning of the event, acknowledging the importance of their service.

Philadelphia, where the Navy and Marine Corps were founded in 1775, will host the 250-year homecoming celebration in the fall of 2025. This grand event will feature the largest gathering of naval vessels, showcasing ships from key historical wars.

The Military Basketball Association, a group dedicated to raising awareness about PTSD stigmas and reducing veteran suicide rates, proudly participated in the parade. They plan to hold their championship final in Philadelphia during Memorial Day weekend in 2024.