The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) recently launched its inaugural Food Saver Challenge in collaboration with partners like Sharing Excess and the National Resources Defense Council. This challenge, engaging nine local food businesses, aims to spotlight and reduce Philadelphia’s significant food waste, which constitutes approximately 20% of the city’s waste stream.

Participating businesses, including Old City Coffee, Reading Terminal Market, and Philly Foodworks, have committed to a six-month effort to curtail food waste, redirect surplus food, and minimize landfill contributions. They stand a chance to win a $5,000 prize and the esteemed title of “Food Saver Champion” based on their performance.

Each business approaches the challenge uniquely. For instance, Old City Coffee focuses on composting, discounts for reusable cups, and responsible sourcing. Philly Foodworks ensures that surplus food not suitable for donation is composted and returned to local farmers, fostering a sustainable cycle.

The Food Saver Challenge transcends business size, involving large and small entities alike, with Reading Terminal Market emphasizing food accessibility and sustainability.

While one business will claim the champion’s title, all participants contribute to enhancing food accessibility and sustainable practices for the city’s residents in the coming six months.