Philadelphia’s nonprofit organization, The Elevation Project, is organizing a forum to introduce voters to the numerous judicial candidates on the November ballot. Founder Latrista Webb emphasizes the profound influence judges have on various aspects of daily life, including public safety. Webb stresses the importance of having the right individuals on the bench, as judges’ decisions can shape many issues for years to come.

The Elevation Project primarily focuses on aiding formerly incarcerated individuals in their reintegration into society. It seeks to empower voters to make informed choices and recognize the significance of judicial roles in landlord-tenant disputes, child custody cases, and more.

Formerly incarcerated individuals, like Jasimane Ransom, who graduated from The Elevation Project’s business incubator program, share the importance of understanding the judicial system. The forum aims to provide opportunities for underserved communities to comprehend the power judges hold and the impact citizens can have.

While only a few candidates have confirmed participation, organizers hope more will join to engage with those who have been through the criminal justice system, gaining a different perspective on their roles. The forum promotes informed voting and takes place on October 17th at the School of the Future in West Philly.