Residents in West Philadelphia are left questioning the motives behind the recent wave of looting that has struck their community, as Philadelphia police intensify their search for suspects involved in looting multiple stores on consecutive Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

With more than 60 suspects already apprehended, authorities have now released six additional videos showcasing the chaos that unfolded on these nights.

“It impacts everybody,” laments Terri Blanding, a resident of Lansdowne Avenue, located near the ransacked Rite Aid. Surveillance footage reveals suspects fleeing with stolen goods and even a cash register, leading to the store’s unfortunate “permanently closed” sign on its door by Saturday.

Blanding points out the inconvenience faced by senior citizens in the neighborhood, who now have to venture outside for necessities when they once had them readily available.

The community remains in dismay as police strive to bring the looting suspects to justice.