In a disturbing series of events, the Lao Buddhist Temple and two other Asian-American establishments in Philadelphia have fallen victim to burglaries. Members of the Lao Buddhist Temple, returning from a funeral service, were devastated to discover that their sacred space had been ransacked, and their safe forcibly opened, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars in donations and valuable items. The temple’s surveillance cameras were not spared either, leaving them in dire need of enhanced security measures.

Philadelphia police are actively investigating these incidents, which occurred within days of each other. The Asian-American community, understandably concerned about the frequency of these crimes, is rallying together to address the issue. Sung Park, from the Pennsylvania Asian American Law Enforcement Association, believes the community’s reliance on cash transactions makes them vulnerable targets.

A meeting involving numerous Asian community organizations is scheduled for the coming month, where concerns about these crimes will be voiced. Community leaders hope to see city officials, including the commissioner and the mayor, in attendance to drive meaningful change. While police have not confirmed any connection between these incidents, they urge anyone with information to come forward.