Four Philadelphia School District students, serving as the city’s board representatives, are set to attend a youth summit in Frankfurt, Germany, from May 13-17, 2024. Selected for the Global House of Young Voices, connecting youth from Frankfurt’s 17 sister cities, they aim to share insights about Philly’s education system and learn from global peers.

Junior De’Naiza Watson from Science Leadership Academy expressed excitement about comparing educational experiences worldwide. Joining her are Constitution High’s Cavance Smith, Academy at Palumbo’s Doha Gassem, and Bodine High’s senior, Fatoumata Sidibe.

Focused on promoting global citizenship education aligning with the UN’s sustainable development goals, the assembly will plan virtually from January and reconvene post-summit to track progress. Watson aims to advocate effectively for her peers’ perspectives.

Facilitated by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and funded by Frankfurt, this initiative fosters international ties and empowers student voices on a global platform.