For the 2023 general election, Philadelphia offers convenient mail ballot drop boxes citywide. The City Commissioners’ Office initiated the distribution of mail ballots in early October, with an application deadline of October 31 to ensure participation in the November 7 election.

You can apply online or visit Philadelphia City Hall in person to request and return a mail ballot, all in a single visit at the Board of Elections office in Room 140, open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Once you have your ballot, complete it, seal it in two envelopes, sign the back, date it, and ensure it reaches election officials by 8 p.m. on November 7. While mailing is an option, using one of the 18 conveniently located drop boxes across the city (see map below) is a reliable and timely alternative.

Remember, you can use any drop box, and there’s no requirement to visit one within your voting division. However, if you plan to drop off someone else’s ballot, specific paperwork is necessary.

Ballot drop boxes are accessible 24/7

Each drop-off location is monitored by round-the-clock security cameras, per the Office of City Commissioners. 

  • City Hall (South Broad apron): 1400 John F Kennedy Blvd, 19107
  • Riverview Place (Columbus Boulevard side of the building): 520 N. Columbus Blvd., 19123
  • Corporal Jimmy O’Connor Memorial Playground (fka Chalfont Playground): 4382 Deerpath Lane, 19154
  • Dorothy Emanuel Rec. Center: 8500 Pickering St., 19150
  • Eastern State Penitentiary: 2027 Fairmount Ave., 19130
  • Ford PAL Rec Center: 609 Snyder Ave., 19148
  • Independence Branch Library: 18 S 7th St., 19106
  • Kendrick Rec Center: 5822 Ridge Ave., 19128
  • 50th & Kingsessing (outside the Kingsessing Rec Center, under renovations): Kingsessing Ave. & S. 50th St., 19143
  • Markward Playground: 400 S Taney St., 19146
  • Pelbano Rec Center: 8101 Bustleton Ave., 19152
  • Pleasant Playground: 6757 Chew Ave., 19119
  • Shepard Rec Center: 5700 Haverford Ave., 19131
  • Shissler Rec Center: 1800 Blair St., 19125
  • Smith Playground: 2100 S 24th St, 19145
  • Stenton Playground: 4600 N 16th St., 19140
  • Vogt Rec Center: 4131 Unruh Ave., 19135
  • Board of Elections warehouse: 11311 Roosevelt Blvd., 19154