Philadelphia welcomed its first freeze at 31 degrees on the onset of “Snow Squall Awareness Week.” Eric Hoeflich from the National Weather Service noted frosty mornings, marking the city’s coldest reading in eight months.

The freezing trend aligns with a changing climate, nudging Philly’s usual freeze date closer to the 21st century’s norms. Nights are predicted to hover in the 30s, slightly below average, until a Thursday warmup.

An upcoming cold front might bring much-needed rain, considering Philly’s meager 0.07 inches this month compared to the typical inch by now. However, snow won’t grace the city despite the awareness week’s focus.

Pennsylvania’s diverse climates hint at potential snow squalls, distinct from light flurries, bringing blizzard-like conditions. While more common in deep winter, November hasn’t been immune to these phenomena, warranting caution for Thanksgiving travelers.