Over 500 demonstrators marched from Center City to Penn’s campus in solidarity with Gaza on Dec. 3.

Over 500 supporters joined a pro-Palestinian rally at 40th and Market streets in Philadelphia following a march along Walnut Street. Penn is probing graffiti along the march route, condemning Israel and targeting nearby businesses. The demonstration, aligned with a vigil for University City Townhomes, highlighted opposition to gentrification and the Gaza conflict.

Organized by groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and Black Lives Matter, the march demanded a Gaza ceasefire. Amid chants condemning Israel, graffiti on Penn’s campus prompted a police investigation.

Simultaneously, the UC Townhomes vigil attracted residents and advocates chanting for affordable housing rights. The event aimed to preserve these homes amid gentrification threats.

The convergence of pro-Palestinian activism and housing advocacy displayed unity in causes. The rally marks a series of campus protests concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict, emphasizing ongoing local and global concerns.

The event underscores a broader movement, merging activism for international justice with local housing preservation efforts.