Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly conveyed through intermediaries, beginning in September, his openness to a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. The proposed truce would involve a halt to hostilities along the current contact line. Citing information from two former high-ranking Russian officials with close ties to the Kremlin, as well as U.S. and international officials, The New York Times, as reported by European Pravda, suggests that Putin had initially explored ceasefire negotiations in the autumn of 2022, following Ukraine’s successful resistance in the northeast.

U.S. officials assert that Putin’s interest in negotiating a ceasefire resurfaced in September delivered through various channels, including foreign governments linked to both the United States and Russia. Despite Putin’s public declarations that Russia’s objectives in the conflict remain unchanged, behind closed doors, he is reportedly inclined to seek a declaration of victory and a cessation of hostilities.

While some Western officials perceive these signals as a genuine willingness to engage in ceasefire talks, others, including certain U.S. officials, view them with skepticism, suspecting the Kremlin of employing misleading tactics. Former Russian officials caution that Putin’s stance may shift if Russian forces gain momentum on the battlefield.

According to sources, Putin is assessing several factors that could contribute to a favorable negotiation environment, including a deadlock on the battlefield, the aftermath of Ukraine’s unsuccessful offensive, diminished Western support for Kyiv, and the international focus on the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Publicly, Putin continues to adopt an assertive posture, portraying the conflict as a confrontation with the West aiming to undermine “millennia-old Russian civilization.” However, U.S. officials observe a subtle shift in his stance, noting the absence of demands for the resignation of the Zelenskyy government.

Despite Putin’s indication of openness to a ceasefire, the specifics of any potential deal remain uncertain. Contentious issues include Putin’s insistence on preventing Ukraine from joining NATO and concerns that ceding significant territory to Russia would be unacceptable to Ukrainian politicians. Senior U.S. officials express doubt about the feasibility of any Ukrainian leader accepting an agreement involving the relinquishment of a substantial portion of Ukrainian territory.

The prospect of a ceasefire is met with skepticism in the West, with many speculating that Putin may be using this period to rearm for future military actions.