Majority Leader Chuck Schumer urged Democrats to engage more with Republicans to try to cut a deal.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans a vote on President Biden’s multi-billion-dollar aid request for Ukraine and Israel by the week of December 4. To counter the House GOP’s Ukraine reluctance, Schumer pressures for a border security deal alongside the aid request. He emphasizes bipartisan urgency, highlighting the border security impasse as the key hindrance.

Schumer urges Democrats to engage Republicans for a compromise. Bipartisan negotiations involving Senators Sinema, Lankford, Murphy, Tillis, Bennet, and Graham aim to link aid to policy changes, with asylum being the primary sticking point.

While 60 votes seem likely for Ukraine aid, Republicans insist on a border deal to secure Speaker Johnson’s support. Schumer’s timeline sets a Senate deadline, recognizing the urgency amidst past funding bills omitting Ukraine aid.

Emphasizing national security implications, Schumer warns against wavering in support for Ukraine. An all-senators briefing on Ukraine is also scheduled.