As the Sixers integrate their recent acquisitions and adapt to changes in their lineup, head coach Nick Nurse focuses on the details. Notably, PJ Tucker has joined James Harden in Los Angeles, creating a vacancy that Kelly Oubre Jr. will temporarily fill. Nurse expressed appreciation for Oubre’s explosive scoring off the bench.

The new additions, Robert Covington, Nicolas Batum, KJ Martin, and Marcus Morris Sr., were present at practice, though their debut dates remain uncertain. Nurse acknowledged their versatility and substantial NBA experience, highlighting the importance of shooters in complementing Joel Embiid.

KJ Martin, in particular, stands out as a young, explosive athlete with great potential. His proficiency around the rim and ability to improve his three-point shooting could be pivotal alongside Embiid. Nurse remains open to experimentation, even considering small-ball center minutes for players like Batum, Covington, and Morris.

Versatility and adaptability are key as the Sixers work to optimize their roster and make the most of their newfound depth.