Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan has issued a letter, condemning violence and blaming the misrepresentation of the company’s views for the vandalism of its stores. 

The letter, posted on the company’s website, addresses escalating protests and incidents of vandalism in various cities, attributing them to social media misrepresentation of Starbucks’ stance. 

While not explicitly mentioning the Israel-Gaza conflict, the company faced controversy when a union expressed solidarity with Palestine on social media. Starbucks, disagreeing with the union’s statement, sued for trademark infringement. 

The situation has led to calls for boycotts, impacting the company’s image and share price. Narasimhan aims to “reinvigorate” the company’s culture, expressing a desire for peace. However, critics, including Starbucks Workers United leader Michelle Eisen, accuse the company of vague actions and continued retaliation against pro-union workers. 

Starbucks joins other high-profile firms facing scrutiny over their responses to the Israel-Gaza conflict, including Zara, M&S, McDonald’s, Google, and TikTok.